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Import and distribute

You want to distribute or promote your brand, or simply do a market study before you start,
Euro Sino Trade will advise you from A to Z.


Our spearhead for years is to organize everything to gain market share.


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We advise entrepreneurs for their project and the expected goals.


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A large part of the problems in China occur mainly on basic lack of rigor.


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One error when filling out a Chinese administrative form can stop an all project.


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Taobao - Tmall - JD - ...

Many platforms are present in China, and the number of shops they host is colossal!

In 2020, there were on Taobao 8.058.473, on Tmall 280.534, on JD 236.367, ...


e.g. More than 8 million shops on the Chinese platform Taoabo
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Our core business

The promotion of products and services on the Chinese market.

Distribution in China follows different administrative and marketing rules. To win the Chinese market, Chinese culture must be adopted, but above all, before starting, preparing administratively.

Close cooperation is necessary, in order to define and organize the field of a suitable campaign, adjusted to local expectations.







The fundamentals

All media

Depending on trends, which recently change significantly, we adopt the best distribution and communication vectors.

Audit and analysis

For all projects we start with a market study, and depending on the expectations, we produce the commercial target.


The main starting point for us is the study of the project and the drafting with specifications, dedicate to the project.

A Chinese Internet market still in high increase

The 3 most pregnant reasons related to the increase in Internet sales
Le shopping en Chine

A large selection of products

Beyond the reflexes related to very important Internet purchases in China, especially via mobile, a quarter of Chinese buyers buys online because they do not find the products they are looking for near them.
Paiement internet

Attractive prices

65% of the Chinese prefer to compare prices on the net. Indeed, there are big disparities on prices in China for the same product. In a few clicks on a platform, or many competitors compete, it can find its product at the best price.
Horloge de travail

Distance and time

For obvious reasons, in connection with an outstanding demographics reason, it is increasingly difficult to move in China, especially for shopping. Too many people, too many cars, distances ..., and time is counted.

What to start with ?

The distribution on the Chinese Web is the action to prioritize, via platforms and social networks. It must nevertheless be supported by a targeted and adapted communication campaign.

Depending on the expectations and the product, commercial coverage in the "physical" outlets (shops and GM) can be considered - after studies.
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