Plan & organize when & where to sell

We orchestrate for you the promotion and sales of your products

Today we favor the promotion of brands via platforms and social networks, thanks to "Community manager" and commercial teams.
Internet platforms
Social networks
Individual sites
Physical shops
The department stores
Multi-brand sites

Create your digital' tools

We are structured to adapt your communication elements to the Chinese style.

Ready teams

Our teams are flexible and fluctuates according to needs and expectations.

1 Brand = 1 Team

We have a simple rule. Each team is dedicated to a brand, and is formed in the product.
Les plateformes chinoises les plus connues

Management of "Corners" on sales platforms

For platforms, we have staff to respond live to customer questions (Live Chat Online - Order Management - SAV - ...)
Each team is trained in Internet sales techniques and the identity of the products they charge.
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Promotion and sale on Chinese social networks

Social networks have become less than 2 years of the essential distribution in China. That's why we have created seasonal "Community Manager" teams to sales techniques on social networks.
They can, depending on the needs, be available 7 days a week and, by bearing, H24.
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Les réseaux sociaux chinois les plus importants
Galeries commerciales et grands magasins chinois

Sale in the "physical" stores

We also offer you, in a second step, after the launch of the Internet campaign, the distribution of products in department stores, agencies, lounges, commercial galleries, hotels, ..., and in the multi-lattice, this Distribution channel is longer to convince, it will have to be worked after the web.
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A large country with 1,4bil of inhabitants

A huge market, which only requires to prosper and grow. Everything can sell and buy, but for that we must follow some essential rules. They are numerous, especially for a country so vast, but the most important are strategy, will and administrative rigor. Each region has its rules, that's why you will need an "intermediary".
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Les villes chinoises pour une commercialisation commercialec

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